Splitit is a payment platform option that allows you to divide the cost of your purchases into interest-free installments. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose Splitit as your payment option during online checkout at
  2. Provide your credit card details.
  3. The total cost of your purchase is authorized, but only the first installment is charged. Minimum of $ 500.00 per installment is allowed.
  4. Each month, your card will be charged with the next installment until the total cost is paid off.
  5. There is no interest or fees charged on the installments.
  6. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of paying over time without the hassle of credit checks or new credit cards.

Shop online at Cap's Bicycle Shop and start using Splitit today for a stress-free payment solution that fits your budget.  If you have aditional question, please coontact customer support for any further assistance.