Cap's Ride Club

Strava is a social fitness network and mobile app designed for athletes, particularly cyclists and runners. It allows users to track and analyze their workouts, connect with other athletes, and participate in challenges and competitions.
Cap's Bicycle Ride Club, on the other hand, is a cycling club based in New Westminster. The club organizes group rides, training sessions, and racing events for cyclists of all levels. It aims to promote the sport of cycling and provide a supportive community for its members.
Together, Strava and Cap's Bicycle provide a powerful platform for cyclists to connect with like-minded individuals, track their progress, and participate in organized rides and events. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these two resources can help you achieve your cycling goals and enjoy the sport to the fullest.




Every Wednesday at 5:45PM

Sunday July 9th at 9AM

Sunday July 23rd at 9AM


Every Wednesday at 5:45PM

Sunday August 13th at 9AM

Sunday August 27th at 9AM