Cap's Ride Club

Cap's Ride Club

Cap's Ride Club is a social riding group!

We are an inclusive bike club tailored for folks who are new to cycling & group riding. We create rides that are warm and welcoming where camaraderie, socializing, and fun take center stage. Our rides take us along local roads & scenic bike paths to cafes. Our rides introduce you to cycling & evolve through the season with you. We ride every week on Thursday evening & 2 Sundays a month. All of our rides depart from Cap’s in Sapperton/New-Westminster.

 Ride Schedule & Signup


Meet at 545 at Cap’s

Rides are ~30KM


Meet at 9AM at Cap’s

Rides range from 50KM (spring) to 70KM (Fall)

Come out and go for a ride! Sign up for a ride on our club page in Strava or Facebook

Ask us questions in our club chat on WhatsApp Join us for the rest of the season! Club Registration is $60 and requires a Cycling BC Membership: Signup Now!

 Ride Details

We will try to give as much advance notice as possible when we cancel rides BUT none of these environment factors make for fun rides, so we don't ride if:

· The weather is over 30°
· If the air quality is 6 or above
· If it's raining

If you come out with us, you will come back with us.

An appropriately maintained bike ride nutrition & personal safety are important, so please plan ahead by visiting CAPs! Rides longer then 30KM on a cruiser bike or a mountain bike will be particularly challenging, so if that's your preferred bike then join us on Thursday evening. Please bring water & something to eat so you can keep rolling AND smiling.

Ride with us so we can help you achieve your cycling goals and enjoy the sport to the fullest!

        May Ride Schedule 



Strava is a social fitness network and mobile app designed for athletes, particularly cyclists and runners. It allows users to track and analyze their workouts, connect with other athletes, and participate in challenges and competitions.
Cap's Bicycle Ride Club, on the other hand, is a cycling club based in New Westminster. The club organizes group rides, training sessions, and racing events for cyclists of all levels. It aims to promote the sport of cycling and provide a supportive community for its members.
Together, Strava and Cap's Bicycle provide a powerful platform for cyclists to connect with like-minded individuals, track their progress, and participate in organized rides and events. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these two resources can help you achieve your cycling goals and enjoy the sport to the fullest.


Every Thursday @ 545
Sunday June 9 @ 9AM
Sunday June 23 @ 9AM
Bakers Dozen! Charity Climbing Ride

Every Thursday @ 545
Sunday July 7 @ 9AM
Sunday July 21 @ 9AM

Every Thursday @ 545
Sunday Aug 11 @ 9AM
Sunday Aug 25 @ 9AM

Thursday! Sept 5 & Sept 12 @ 545
Sunday Sept 8 @9AM
Sooke Sept 21-22

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