At Cap’s Bicycle Shop

”We believe that a happy bike makes for a happy rider. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the service your bike needs, at a price that’s right for you. Come in any time for a free on the spot assessment, and our technicians will go over your bike and inform you of what services we recommend. We’ll work with you to get your bike rolling for countless adventures on and off the road.

  • 12-Point Check

    Standard Bike $49

    Electric Bike** $69

    • Wipe and lube chain
    • Inspect and inflate tires
    • Bolts tightened
    • Test ridden
  • The Basics

    Standard Bike $89

    Electric Bike** $109

    • Brake and gear adjustment
    • Wipe and lube chain
    • Inspect and inflate tires
    • Bolts tightened
    • Bike wiped down
    • Test ridden

  • The Essentials

    Standard Bike $119

    Electric Bike** $139

    Includes The Basics, plus

    • Minor wheel true
    • Hanger alignment
    • Brake pad replacement labor*
    • Cable replacement labor*
    • Bike cleaned
    • Test ridden
  • The Annual Works

    Standard Bike $149

    Electric Bike** $169

    Includes The Essentials , plus

    • Strip and clean drive train or install new*
    • Bearing adjustment (headset, BB, and hubs)
    • Bike cleaned and detailed Test ridden
  • The Overhaul

    Rigid Frame $299

    Dual Suspension $399

    • Includes a complete overhaul of the bicycle:
    • Bike stripped down to frame and cleaned
    • Bearings re-packed (headset, BB, hubs)*
    • Includes installation labor for parts*
    • Test ridden

    - *Parts not included.

    - ** We are only able to service e-bike brands with systems we sell, including Specialized, Bosch, Shimano Steps, and Brose.

    - We reserve the right to refuse bicycles for service at the mechanic’s discretion.

    - Bicycles which have not been picked up after 30 days from the agreed on pick-up date may be subject to a Storage fee of $60 per month.

  • Flat Repair

    Front Flat $ 19.00

    Rear Flat $ 19.00

    Tubeless Setup/Repair $30.00

    Tubeless Top-up $15.00

    E-Hub Flat $40.00

    Coaster/Training wheel $25.00

  • Accessory Installs*

    Tape Handlebars $20.00

    Accessory Install $17.00

    Pannier Rack Install $20.00

    Fender Install $40.00

  • Wheels and Bearings

    Wheel True $25.00

    Wheel True w/ Spoke Install* $35.00

    Wheel Build* $75.00

    Bearing Adjustment $20.00

    Bearing Overhaul* $40.00

  • Brakes and Cables

    Pad Install and Adjust* $25.00

    Brake Adjustment $20.00

    External Cable Install* $25.00

    Internal Cable Install* $35.00

    External Hydro Service $40.00

    Internal Hydro Service $ 60.00

  • Drivetrain

    Gear Adjustment $20.00

    Derailleur Hanger Alignment $30.00

    Cassette or Chain Install* $25.00

    Drivetrain Refresh/Install* $45.00

  • More

    Inspection/Estimate $20.00

    Bike Clean $25.00

    Shop Time - Labor $70.00/hr

    Shop Time - E-Bike Labor $90.00/hr

    Suspension Install/Removal $40.00

    Coaster Brake Bike Service $25.00

    Box up Bike $60.00

    Unbox Traveling bike $30.00

    Build New Bike from Box $90.00

    Storage (after 30 days) $60.00/mo



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