KMC e11 eBike 11 Speed Chain - Silver / KMC

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KMC e11 eBike 11 Speed Chain - Silver

KMC e11 eBike 11 Speed Chain - Silver


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  • An 11-speed chain optimized for use with e-bike drivetrains and compatible with Bosch, Shimano and other e-Bike systems when combined with an 11-speed drivetrain
  • KMC's highest torsion resistance to help resist the increased torision provided by electronic power-assisted drivetrains
  • Unsurpassed riveting geometry provides KMC's highest pin power rating for ultimate strength
  • Inner plate chamfering efficiently guides chainring teeth into the chain, enhancing stability at extreme chain lines
  • Asymmetric outer plate chamfers aid clearance of neighbouring cassette teeth, particularly at extreme chainline angles
  • Elongated X-Bridge improves shifting efficiency and accuracy
  • Double X-Durability ensures maximum possible lifespan – guaranteed!
  • Non-directional design
  • Extended 136 L length to accommodate the longest of chainstays
  • Ships with CL555-NP MissingLink connector
  • 1/2"x 11/128"
  • Pin Length: 5.65 mm
  • 136 Links

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