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GATEKEEPER M - 8007410

GATEKEEPER M - 8007410

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Dost just throw your bike in the bed of your truck, use the GateKeeper and safely transport your bike on the way to the trailhead. The durable nylon exterior protects your bike from your truck’s tailgate while the soft felt backing keeps your truck’s paint protected. Integrated SitTight bike cradles add extra stability and protection for your bikes and the HindSight tuck-away cover opens up the view for your back-up camera and provides access to your tailgate handle. 


  • Velcro cradle closure system is easy on carbon bike frames and painted surfaces
  • Rugged nylon outer material resists abrasion and weather damage
  • Extra soft felt backing protects your truck’s paint job
  • Integrated strap management system keeps the pad tight and secure on the way up the mountain
  • Available in 2 different sizes: 53" (M) for small & mid-size trucks, 62" (L) for full-size trucks
Dimensions: 53" x 17" x 5" (M), 62" x 20" x 7" (L)
Bike Capacity: 5 Bikes (M), 6 Bikes (L) 
Weight: ~6lbs (M), ~8lbs (L)