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Need a new bike for the summer? Had a bike on the mind but the price just didn't match your budget? Two words: Dutch Auction

On February 13th, over 25 of our bikes will go on sale in true Dutch Auction style! How does a Dutch Auction work? The sale will start at 5% off and every few days the prices will drop until February 23, when the prices final prices will be available. Bikes are on sale are limited in quantities, so if you wait, you might miss out! 

For pricing details, see the complete price list at the bottom of this page. 

See the bikes featured below and watch as more are released! 

Pricing for the Dutch Auction is as follows below. Round one starts January 29th and each consecutive round follows each week after until February 21st when the final prices are announced.

Limited sizes and models of each bike apply. Check the bikes out in store for details!