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Group Rides | Sapperton Bike Club


For 2013 Cap's Bicycles is pleased to present Shop Rides with the Sapperton Bike Club! We are excited to invited all levels of rider out to ride along with one of our staff members while they lead club members through various rides. Read the details below about all that the Sapperton Bike Club has to offer:

  • 2013 Membership $49.95 includes:
    • Cycling BC Affiliated Club Membership/Insurance
    • Cap’s Staff Ride Leaders
    • Ride Leaders equipped with
      • St.John Ambulance Level 1First Aid Certification
      • CardoSystem BK-1 communication systems
      • 1st Aid Kits / Emergency Contacts
  • Route Maps provided
  • 15% off parts and accessories
  • Access to all group rides (except Ladies Only)
    • Weekly Beginner Road Rides with Chris & Ryan
    • Weekly Intermediate Fondo/RTCC Training Road Rides with Chris
    • Bi-Monthly Touring Rides with Brek
    • Monthly Ladies Rides with Ryan
    • Memberships available in-store only
    • 24hr sign up notice for all club rides via phone or email
    • Waiver must be signed before joining club rides
    • Memberships valid until December 31st, 2013

Member Responsibilities

  • Able and competent to bicycle in a variety of urban, and rural circumstances.
  • Comply with bicycle operation and traffic requirements, and wear a helmet.
  • Carry spare tire inner tube, pump and appropriate replacement equipment, and be familiar with changing an inner tube, (ride leader is there to assist).
  • Cycle in a sensible manner consistent with group cycling activities.
  • Notify the ride volunteer leader, if intending to join a scheduled cycling ride at an alternate location. 
  • Ensure the leader is advised if, and when, departing from a scheduled ride.
  • If some cyclists wish to regroup and ride a significant distance ahead of the main cycling body and the day leader, they do so, as independent riders.
  • A large body of cyclists may divide at some point into two smaller units, select another leader and continue as a club activity, (at the Ride Leader’s discretion).

Ride Leader Responsibilities

  • Understand routes, and be available at the appointed time and place.
  • Keep track of participants and encourage them to ride as a group with no cyclist ‘left behind’. 
  • Leaders should try to ensure that the ‘rules of the road’ are followed.

Note: The Ride Leader is not responsible for the competence or conduct of the individual cyclist.

Group Ride Etiquette

Cap’s Bicycle Shop is a Cycling BC recognized Supporting Business for Sapperton Bike Club. In addition to the Member Roles & Responsibilities, group ride etiquette is a responsibility for us all.

  • Be punctual at the start of a ride, and arrive with appropriate gear and working equipment. 
  • Be predictable, other riders should feel assured that you observe proper cycling procedures: 

a) Say “on your left” when passing another rider.


c) Use hand signals at intersections. Each cyclist is responsible for hand signals to advise both motorists and other cyclists, when turning or stopping.

d) Verbal signals are also important to explain “stopping” or “slowing” and often to announce hazards by shouting a warning, “glass, hole, bump” etc.

e) Use fender(s) on wet rides or plan to ride at back of group on these days.

Cycling requires not only safety, but also courtesy.

a) Riders near the back can alert others about cars approaching by using the verbal signal, “car back”, (or “car up” called by the leader in front.)

b) If a group becomes separated, at least one rider should wait at turns for the next cyclist.

c) Move off the road when you stop!

d) Ride single file. If double file is appropriate and legal, be prepared to move to single file to assist vehicles in passing.