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Cycling Into The New Year

Is this year the year you have decided to ride your bike more? Maybe your New Year's Resolution is to ride to work once a week or all week? It is always great to spend time on your bike; exercise and the pleasure of riding a bicycle is incomparable to other sports activities and having enhanced mobility will provide a new sense of accomplishment. 

The following tips are only a starting point for those looking to further their use of their bicycle, never hesitate to call with questions or come in and talk to the experts about how you can enjoy your bicycle!

  • Before you begin riding regularly, have your bike serviced by a professional mechanic to ensure your bike is safe and in top condition.
  • Ensure you have proper cycling clothing for the conditions you will be riding in. If you are planning to commute, consider a cycling specific waterproof jacketpants and booties to keep you warm and dry for your ride to work! 
  • Learn the basics on maintenance, lube and clean your chain regularly in order to keep your bike in best condition. A clean drive train provides a longer lasting chain and gears. 
  • Invest in the proper accessories you will need for riding. A pump and spare tube or patch kit as well as tire levers will keep you riding after a flat tire. A multi-tool allows you to make on the spot adjustments to things like seat height. If you commute or tour you will benefit from a rack and panniers to carry personal items, snacks or dry cloths. And we all love fenders! 
  • Safety! If you are riding alone explain your route someone you know and trust so that someone will know where to look for you if you don't make it home. Always carry some cash in case you find yourself in a pinch. 
  • Make sure your bike is set up for your optimum riding body position. A poor fitting bike will be uncomfortable and hold you back on your ride. You can get a professional level Body Geometry Fit, an intensive fit which takes up to a few hours, or a more basic Quick Fit to get you off on the right foot. 
  • Don't push your ability, regular shorter rides are more productive for enhancing endurance than one long ride. If you notice you're beginning to make mistakes or loose attention during the later portion of your ride you are pushing yourself too far.
  • Don't forget about nutrition and hydration for during longer rides. Even on a cold wet January day your body will need water and energy to keep you riding. More is always less, you can always dump your water out or save your nutrition for next ride but finding water or nutrition during a ride can be difficult. 
  • Be prepared for the after ride. If you ride to work, you may want to pack a set of dry cloths. It is also important to have snacks and water for after your ride for recovery and re-hydrating. A set of waterproof panniers are perfect for carrying your clothing, food, or work material. 

Remember to always have fun while you are riding and encourage other to join you when they can. Whether you are looking to be a daily commuter or a weekend rider, the most important part of cycling is enjoying being on your bike and being active!